The Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Isn’t Opening — #5: The eBook File is Corrupted or The Download Link is Bad

This is an article series that will explain the most common reasons why ebook users have trouble opening an ebook that was purchased from an ebook retail website. Most of these issues are easily avoided by simply following your download instructions, installing the software you need, and making sure that you’re using the correct ebook format for your eReader. This post covers reason #5: The eBook File is Corrupted or The Download Link is Bad.

These are the least commons reason why your ebook isn’t opening correctly, but they do happen from time to time.

Sometimes the website selling the ebook will have made a mistake in the download link, which will cause it to not work when you attempt to download your ebook. Even the people running ebook websites are humans, so mistakes can be made. Sometimes the problem originated before it even got to the ebook store. When a book publisher wants to sell their books as ebooks, often they list their ebooks with a company that distributes ebooks and provides DRM on the downloads. The book publisher must provide the distributor with all of the pertinent information about the ebook, including the file name. If that file name is provided incorrectly, it will still be incorrect when it gets to the ebook store.

Sometimes the ebook file itself has become corrupted. These files have to be sent from the book publisher to the distributor to the ebook store, and they go through a lot of different servers during that time, they’re stored in multiple databases, and the download happens through multiple pieces of software. It is a bit of a miracle that the files don’t get corrupted a lot more than they do. If you end up with an ebook file that has become corrupted and won’t open, keep this in mind.

However, remember that these occurrences are not common. The majority of the time, when an ebook isn’t opening the reason is that the user is trying to open it with the wrong software or the wrong e-reader device. For example, if you try to open a DRM-protected PDF file with Adobe Reader, the program will give you a message that the file is corrupt. In this case, the file is not actually corrupt — that’s just the only way that Adobe Reader knows how to tell you that it can’t open the file when it’s meant for Adobe Digital Editions.

If you’ve found this post through Google and haven’t yet read through the more common reasons why your ebook isn’t opening, please check those out first before you assume that your ebook file is corrupted. See all posts in this series.


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2 responses to “The Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Isn’t Opening — #5: The eBook File is Corrupted or The Download Link is Bad”

  1. Thomas Kish says :

    I’m am unable to connect my Sony 950 reader to either of my 2 Sony laptops. I have spent hours on the phone with their tech support people and have not been able to resolve this issue. I can download ebooks from my local libray and trans them to my copy of Didigital Editions program, Then I transfer it to the “reader library “. Then I transfer them to an SD memory card and insert the card into the reader. The reader recognizes the books and shows the amount of days remaining in the checkout, however when I attempt to open the book I receive an error message saying the authorization failed. I can open the book when it’s in the digital editions and the reader libraries.

    • eBook Reader says :

      The only thing that really comes to my mind is that you might not have authorized your Sony Reader with the same Adobe ID that you authorized your computer with. That would cause the ebooks not to sync up properly, and the authorization would fail.

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