How To Choose an eBook Reader

Shopping Online for an eBook Reader

I have made a new Squidoo Lens called How To Choose an eBook Reader!

It is meant to be a shopping guide for someone who is new to ebook readers and isn’t sure which device is best for them. It goes over all of the important tech specs that a person should consider when looking at these device, such as: price, size, weight, screen size (e-Ink vs LCD), file format supported, memory, battery life, and WiFi vs 3G.

If someone is new to this type of technology, they might not even know what all of those terms mean. The lens explains each term and how it will affect your use of the e-reader. I think it’s a very good place to start for anybody who is considering buying an ebook reader.

It’s also a good companion lens to my eBook Reader Comparions lens. Once you understand all of the tech spec terminology, you can then look at what each e-reader offers, armed with that knowledge.

So, if you’re new to ebook readers and you’re considering buying one …

1. Learn How To Choose an eBook Reader and then

2. Look at the eBook Reader Comparions to decide which one is best for you.


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I love reading and I love technology. eBooks are an interesting combination of the two.

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