Bluefire Reader for Adobe DRM eBooks on iOS

Use Bluefire Reader for Adobe DRM eBooksIf you want to read ebooks that are protected by Adobe DRM on your iOS device (that includes iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) the app I recommend is Bluefire Reader.

Most of the ebooks being sold by mainstream publishers that are in PDF or ePub format are protected by DRM. Book publishers, just like music publishers, are concerned about software piracy, so they require ebook stores to use Adobe’s DRM on the ebook downloads. Programs like Adobe Reader and other standard programs or apps that read PDF files aren’t set up to deal with that DRM, so you need an app that can handle it.

Here is what you will need to do:

1. Follow my previous instructions for how to set up Adobe Digital Editions correctly. You’ll need to install it and then “authorize” with your Adobe ID.

2. Get the Bluefire Reader app for your iOS device. Download it from iTunes and install it on the device.

3. The first time you open Bluefire Reader, you’ll be asked if you want to authorize it with your Adobe ID. You should go ahead and do it. Just follow the instructions given.

Make sure to use the same ID that you used when you authorized Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. That is how Adobe will allow you to use your ebooks on both your computer and the iOS device.

4. If you haven’t already, get an ebook that you want to read.

5. Transferring Files

Note: This will only work with iOS 4 or later. If you have an iPad you should already have that, but if you have an older iPhone or iPod, update the OS so that you can transfer files from your computer to the device.

a) Connect your device to your computer.

b) Open iTunes and click on your device. It should look something like this:

Obviously if you have an iPad it will say “iPad” or whatever you named your iPad, etc.

c) On the top-center area of the screen, click Apps. In iTunes on my computer, it looks like this:

d) Scroll down to the “File Sharing” section, which should be at the bottom of the screen. Select the Bluefire Reader app from the list, and click “Add”. On my computer it looks like this:

e) Now you can find the ebook that you want to transfer. If you bought a DRM-protected Adobe PDF or ePub file, it should be in a folder called “My Digital Editions”. Any non-DRM ebooks will be wherever you put them on your computer.

It might sync to your device automatically or you might have to perform a sync on your own. After that you should be able to open Bluefire Reader on your device and see the ebook.

I recommend that you find ePub files rather than PDF whenever possible. It seems that most e-readers and ebook apps display them a lot better because ePub files are reflowable, which means that the text of the book can rearrange itself to accommodate your screen size much easier than in PDF files.

If you need help with Bluefire Reader, they have a good User Guide and other help information.

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8 responses to “Bluefire Reader for Adobe DRM eBooks on iOS”

  1. Deanna says :

    Thanks so much for posting this. Yours were the best instructions I found anywhere!

    • eBook Reader says :

      Glad to hear that it was useful for you. I wrote down the exact steps I took when setting it up and loading a file into my iPhone so the instructions should be correct for most people, or at least close enough to get you going in the right direction.

  2. Corey k says :

    Thank you as well. I just broke my Sony reader and couldn’t find any helps until I came across your site. Thanks.

  3. manumfactumael says :

    hello – I always get syntax error by entering my adobe ID ?

  4. Julie B says :

    Thank you very much – your post on this and on the .acsm file type were both very helpful!

  5. charlie says :

    Good afternoon
    do you know any reader like this for playbook tablet , a reader that suport DRM of adobe digital editions because they allow you to copy in pdf format

    thank you

    • The eBook Reader says :

      As far as I know, you’re stuck with the Kobo ebooks app for the Playbook. Howeve0,r I’m not all that familiar with it because I don’t own any Blackberry devices. The best thing I can suggest is to look through the Blackberry app market to see what you can find.

  6. Phoenix Love says :

    This step works for my iphone. I have a kobo vox. bluefire reader app is successfully downloaded, however, I don’t know the steps to import from my microSD card collection. Please help.

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