Using Aldiko on Kobo Vox, Nook Tablet, and Kindle Fire

The big ebook companies have now released tablet versions of their eReaders. Amazon has the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble has the Nook Tablet, and Kobo has the Kobo Vox. They are all Android tablets and come with a lot of apps pre-installed. However, unlike normal Android tablets, they don’t have full access to the Android Market. Instead it seems that each company has come up with their own smaller app market, where you can choose from a specific selection of apps.

This is significant because it means that if you bought eBooks from other ebook stores that use Adobes DRM, you wouldn’t be able to open them in the correct app on your tablet (which is usually Aldiko). Aldiko and other ebook apps are, not surprisingly, left out of the pre-approved list of apps. However, it seems that people are already finding easy ways around this.

How to install Aldiko on Kobo Vox Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire

For one thing, I noticed that on the Aldiko website they will now email you a link to download their app if you sign up. You can see that at I don’t know for sure, but I think you could use your tablet’s browser to go to the link they send you and download it directly to the tablet. If anyone has tried this, I’d be interested if you could leave a comment and let me know how this worked.

I also saw on the blog Good Reader that they posted a way to get Aldiko on your Kobo Vox. Check that post out at How To Copy eBooks With DRM To The Kobo Vox. Their method involves downloading the app from a link that they have on their website where they host the file. I’m not sure if this is condoned by Aldiko, but they probably don’t care.

On Google+ I found a post from Aldiko saying that you could download the app and sideload it onto your Kindle Fire. There is also this post from a user who says he did it successfully and it was easy.

And to round it out, The Digital Reader has a post saying that the Nook Tablet can run Aldiko in much the same way: by installing it through the browser.

The nice thing about this is that it doesn’t require anything like hacking, and should be easy enough to do even for someone who isn’t a big techno geek. If you are reading this and have installed Aldiko on any of these three devices, please leave a comment with your experience. I think that would be a great help to others who are interested in doing this.

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5 responses to “Using Aldiko on Kobo Vox, Nook Tablet, and Kindle Fire”

  1. ericka says :

    Aldiko works on kindle fire. Just make u check the box in ur setting of kindle. Installations of unsupported downloaded. Something like that.

  2. detective privato roma says :

    I’m trying to convert a .pdf file so i can read it in Aldiko (Samsung Galaxy S). But when i tried (with Calibre) and put it in Aldiko (It finds the book and everything) but when i try to read it it’s just blank pages and after a while the program stops working. It’s readable in the computer in the .pdf format. What am i doing wrong? plz help.

  3. Huigh Malcolm says :

    I went to in the browser on my new Kindle Fire, downloaded the ebook reader with no problem. You have to send your email address, they email you a link to the download site. 6.05mb no problem. Haven’t got a clue how to drive it. Have downloaded 2 books to the Kindle, one in “kindle format” from and one in ePub format from > I understand why the Kindle won’t open the latter, it’s not formatted for the Kindle but why it says “Cannot open file” when I click on the one in Kindle format I dunno. Can’t be because I’m in Australia and Kindle Fire is not sold here yet – what difference could that make?!?

    • The eBook Reader says :

      Thanks for posting your experience here. Are you saying that you’re trying to open a Kindle ebook in Aldiko? That won’t work. Kindle ebooks can only be opened in the Kindle app.

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