B&N Hates their Nook Tablet users, I guess

I read about this at The eBook Reader today: Barnes & Noble has closed the “loophole” that allowed users to sideload apps onto it with their newest software update for the Tablet. Now you can only use B&N-approved apps. They are locking everyone in to their own App Store so that you have to buy your apps from them, and you can’t get any competing ebook software. That’s only understandable if you’re into forcing people to buy only your products. This move just seems like a punishment to their own users.

This really paints B&N in a negative light for me. I probably will avoid ever purchasing anything from them again.

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4 responses to “B&N Hates their Nook Tablet users, I guess”

  1. Tony says :

    Umm…how is that different from Amazon locking everyone in to the Fire? It isn’t.

  2. Michael E. Miller says :

    The solution is quite simple, like Apple they are trying to dictate what their customer buy or use. So just do not buy their CRAP. There are plenty of other good and reasonably priced products to choose from!
    I for example have had three great Chinese products, my newest with coloured touch screen, forget companies who dictate to their customers.

  3. Nate Shenk says :

    I agree with you! I won’t be supporting them. I hate when companies do things like that :/ that’s my major problem with Apple. Love their products but hate their policies.

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