How To Install Aldiko on Kindle Fire

How to install Aldiko on Kindle FireIf you’d like to use Aldiko on your Kindle Fire, you can install it via the Fire’s browser. Here’s how:

Before you can install an app that’s not available in the Kindle App Store, you have to change one setting in the Kindle Fire.

  • In the top Kindle Fire menu, select the Gear (settings) icon.
  • On the next screen, tap the More Icon.
  • On the next screen, tap Device. Then choose ON for “Allow Installation of Applications”.

Now you’re ready to download and install Aldiko on your Kindle Fire.

If you’ve tried this, I’d be interested to hear how it went!


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3 responses to “How To Install Aldiko on Kindle Fire”

  1. Merita says :

    It downloaded easily. Now how do I transfer books from the sony reader to my new kindle?

    • The eBook Reader says :

      That’s pretty much not possible. The Kindle mostly only reads Kindle ebooks that you buy from Amazon. Books that you purchased for the Sony Reader are in a different format that the Kindle doesn’t read. This is because Amazon wants to lock you into only buying ebooks from their store.

  2. Gary says :

    I tried it…it work perfectly. Just follow the instructions and you have another reader on your Fire.

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