I’ve been a lover of books for as long as I can remember. When I was in grade school, I would go to the library during summer vacation and bring home as many books as I could carry. I would look through the children’s section of the library and pull out any book that looked the slightest bit interesting and by the end of the trip I’d have a huge stack. I’d read all of those books before the due date came, then and we would return to the library for another stack.

Nowadays, I am an avid reader of science fiction, metaphysics, philosophy, and psychology. I make my living in technology, and I feel that combining books and technology makes for the best of both worlds.

And that brings us to ebooks. The thing that I like most about ebooks is the fact that you can search the text for a word or phrase. I started wishing for that as soon as I became familiar with computers and word processing. I could search for a word in a digital document, but if I wanted to look up something in a book I had to manually flip through a zillion pages to find what I was looking for.

This website focuses on ebook reader software. There is a ton of information out there about all of the new ebook readers that are on the market, but the software is what makes them work for the average user/reader. Software is what you use to download an ebook, transfer it to your device, and ultimately read it. I will also post information about hardware (the devices themselves) from time to time, as it seems appropriate.

This blog is usually updated on a weekly basis.

4 responses to “About”

  1. Love From Japan says :


    You look like you know about these things! I’d like to ask you for some help as I’m new to this and a bit lost.

    We are currently putting together an ebook that will be sold to raise money for the earthquake recovery fund here in Japan. We’re publishing an ebook because we want it to have wide appeal as quickly as possible. How could we advise potential readers who may be put off by not knowing about ebooks, how to read and how to buy them? Do you need to have a portable device or is there some free software that you can download to your PC that would enable you to read it?

    Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated!

    Many thanks

    • eBook Reader says :

      That sounds like a great project. Good luck with it!

      It’s hard for me to give you any good answers to your questions without knowing more details. Most importantly, I would need to know the format of the ebook. Will it be a PDF file? Epub? Something else? Generally speaking, you don’t need any type of device to read ebooks, and yes, there are free readers that you can use, but what you need specifically depends on the type of ebook. You can look at my ebook software page to see a lot of details about ebook formats and readers that I’ve already written blog posts for. How to buy the ebook completely depends on where it will be sold.

      If you can reply to this and give me more details, I might be able to help further.

  2. Raj Hirawat says :

    Hello Jared, I wish to host a public library based on subscriptions. I wish to give the readers the same feel as they would get while reading at google books. Please suggest what software should I use to publish books on the web for readers.

    • eBook Reader says :

      Are you going to be developing your own reader software? If not, then the books you create will have to be read with current ebook apps provided by other companies. The app people will use will depend on whether they are on a Mac, PC, Android, etc. You can’t really control that on your own, besides to give readers a recommendation of which app you like best.

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