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3 Interesting Infographics About eBooks

Here are three interesting infographics about eBooks.

Infographics: eBooks Growth
Courtesy of: CreditDonkey

Browse more infographics.

Browse more data visualizations.

Lending eBooks

Lending eBooks. This is an interesting post by my colleague Michael over on “Literature & eBooks” about Kindle’s lending function, and the topic of lending ebooks in general.

The Year Ahead: 2011 (via I Love My Kindle)

Here is a great overview of e-reader and ebook news and info from 2010 and looking forward into 2011.

The Year Ahead: 2011 I recently looked back at the year in e-books…there were tons of changes, of course.  I figured it was time to look ahead. First, though, let’s see how I did when I looked ahead to 2010. Overall, I think I did okay.  Here were my predictions then: More platforms for Kindle books Status: hit This one was easy, but it definitely happened.  I speculated about a Kindle reader app for Android, for example, and that’s here. The n … Read More

via I Love My Kindle

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