eReader Comparisons

A while ago I created a big page on Squidoo about eBook Reader Comparisons. It lists the main tech specs for what I consider to be the most popular eReader devices. It mainly focuses on E-Ink devices but I also included some information on the iPad as well. I update it at least once per month, and I plan to keep adding new models that come out, while rotating off any outdated models.

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(click this image to see the whole page)

7 responses to “eReader Comparisons”

  1. Joe says :

    I found the nook to be very easy to navigate and work with, downloading books was a breeze.

    My issue with it is the touch screen – not only does it shorten the battery life considerably (compared to e-readers without an LCD display) it’s also not an anti-glare surface. And although the screen goes into sleep mode, most of the time I was far too distracted…

  2. Linn says :

    A major deciding factor for some people is a reader’s ability to download ebooks from a public or school library. Most readers EXCEPT the Amazon Kindle can do this.

    • Lisa says :

      The amazon Kindle is still an option for library books. Most libraries launched Kindle book downloads months ago. In addition, those who want a workaround use Calibre to convert files into .mobi content and then email them to their kindle accounts.

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