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New Sony Devices

I’ve always been a fan of Sony products. They make the best laptops I’ve ever used, which is important to me because that’s what I work on. I have also always felt that they make good, high quality products. So I was interested to see this week that they’re releasing two new devices: the Sony Reader WiFi and the Sony Tablet S.

The new e-reader looks significantly thinner and sleeker than their previous models. It’s also got a touchscreen, and if you buy the black version you get a free copy of a Harry Potter ebook! Way cool, I say. It looks like it’ll have all the usual features of other current e-readers. There is no price posted yet, that I’ve seen, so that’ll be interesting to find out.

Their other upcoming offering is a tablet device. It’ll run on Android, so you’ll be able to use Aldiko for ebook reading on it. Engadget has posted a thorough preview of it. I was interested to read what they thought about the rounded thick edge that this device has on one side. They seem to have mixed feelings about it. Good review overall so I recommend reading it. The Sony website says that this tablet starts at $499, so that’s pretty much the same price as an iPad.

I can’t write any reviews of these products right now since I don’t have either one of them, so I mostly just wanted to let you know that they exist. I’ve also updated my Squidoo pages for eBook Reader Comparisons and Tablet Comparisons to include them.

Tablet Comparisons

I made a new Squidoo Lens: Tablet Comparisons. This one is similar to the eBook Reader Comparisons lens, but obviously about tablets instead. It lists tech specs on each tablet so that you can reference them all in one place, hopefully making it useful as a shopping guide.

Right now the tablets covered are: iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry Playbook, Toshiba Tablet, and BeBook Live.

I plan to keep it updated as new tablets come out and as new models are released for the current available tablets. If you know of a new tablet that should be included, feel free to leave a comment to suggest one (either here or on the lens itself). Sometime soon I’ll be updating the eBook Reader Comparisons lens to include the new eReaders that I wrote about in my last post.


eBook Reader Devices Comparisons

Most of the time this blog is about the software used to read ebooks, but sometimes I will post about the hardware used – after all, it uses software and if you have an ebook reader device, you’ll have to be familiar with the required programs and apps for it.

I have created a page for this blog that lists the most current popular ebook readers, with their prices and tech specs. This will allow anybody shopping for an ebook reader to make an informed decision. I hope this will be especially useful for this holiday season, which is starting today with Thanksgiving (or maybe it started back on Halloween.)

Compare eBook Reader Devices

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