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Sony Reader App Available for Android

Sony has released a Sony Reader app, like they promised a while back. I wrote a bit about this at the beginning of December. So far they only have an ebook reading app available for Android (version 2.2+). You can get it on Sony’s ebook website here.

It sounds like it’s pretty much the same deal as other ebook reading apps – you can use it to read your Sony Reader ebooks on your Android phone, even if you don’t have a Sony Reader. It also syncs everything up for you so that you can pick up reading where you left off on your other device.

So, good for Sony. These reading apps are a good idea for all companies that have ebook reading devices, so that people aren’t quite so locked in to the one device.

According to engadget, Sony also has an iOS app pending Apple’s review.

If you’ve used this app, feel free to leave a comment with a review. I don’t have an Android phone so I can’t test it out.

Top 5 eBook Reading Apps for iPad and iPhone

I’ve been working on my series of articles/blog posts for “The Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Isn’t Opening”. Three of them have been posted here so far. Don’t worry, that series will be continued with the next installment soon. But to take a break from it, I’ve made a new Squidoo lens that is also in the theme of “top 5” things: Top 5 eBook Reading Apps for iPad and iPhone.

I know that many people love using their iPads as ebook readers. It makes a lot of sense because if you have an iPad there is no need to buy a separate ebook reader, and it does so much else at the same time. I’m not ready to spend the $500 that an iPad costs, but if I had an iPad, I would definitely make use of it as an ebook reader. I like the fact that it has a backlit screen instead of an e-ink screen like dedicated ebook reading devices (but that’s a matter of personal preference).

The lens I created today outlines the most popular ebook reading apps that you can use on your iPad and iPhone. You actually have a lot of flexibility when it comes to where you get your ebooks, so if you’re not familiar with the options, go check it out.

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