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Tablet Comparisons

I made a new Squidoo Lens: Tablet Comparisons. This one is similar to the eBook Reader Comparisons lens, but obviously about tablets instead. It lists tech specs on each tablet so that you can reference them all in one place, hopefully making it useful as a shopping guide.

Right now the tablets covered are: iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry Playbook, Toshiba Tablet, and BeBook Live.

I plan to keep it updated as new tablets come out and as new models are released for the current available tablets. If you know of a new tablet that should be included, feel free to leave a comment to suggest one (either here or on the lens itself). Sometime soon I’ll be updating the eBook Reader Comparisons lens to include the new eReaders that I wrote about in my last post.


Tablets vs eReaders

I’ve made another lens on Squidoo. This one compares tablet computers to e-readers.

The lens itself is meant to be very objective about the subject, but my personal opinion is that tablets are quickly making e-readers unnecessary. Since tablets can do so much more than read ebooks, there really isn’t much need for a separate device that is only for reading. However, there is a big barrier to that, which is the price. Tablets are $500 or more right now, while the cheaper ebook readers are about $150, give or take $20.

Check out the lens for more information. I think it should be useful for anybody who is shopping for this type of device.

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