Top 5 Reasons

I wrote an article series explaining “The Top 5 Reasons Why Your eBook Isn’t Opening”. Each article focuses on common problems that users can have with Adobe ebooks and Adobe’s DRM system. I slanted the articles towards Adobe ebooks because Adobe provides the most prevalent ebook DRM, and it therefore causes users the most problems.

This covers both PDF and EPUB files that are protected with Adobe’s DRM. This series has nothing to do with Kindle ebooks because Amazon’s ebook downloading system is completely different. It also won’t give you much help with other ebook formats like Microsoft Reader or Mobipocket, although you can extrapolate the concepts to those formats. I might write more on those formats later, but for now, the Adobe format seems to be taking over the market, for better or worse.

This page is here to serve as an index so that you can find these articles easily. I hope they are useful for people.

Reason #1: You Have The Wrong eReader

Reason #2: You’re Using The Wrong Software

Reason #3: You Didn’t Follow The Proper DRM Procedure

Reason #4: The DRM Has Gone Wrong Over Time

Reason #5: The eBook File is Corrupted or The Download Link is Bad

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