BeBook Live Android Market Firmware Update

I was fortunate to be able to get a testdrive model of the new BeBook Live tablet. The BeBook Live is, overall, a good entry into the tablet market, and more affordable than most others. I will probably write a fuller review later, but for this post I just want to point out a very useful firmware update.

One of the problems with the standard firmware is that it does not include access to the official Android Market from Google. I noticed this right away when I first started using it.

There is now a firmware upgrade available for the BeBook Live that updates the operating system to include the Android Market. You can download it here:

BeBook Live Android Market Firmware Update

That download includes the following instructions, which are very simple —

To get the Android app market on your BeBook Live:

* Unzip the file.
* Put all files on a fat32 formatted micro SD card. Keep the folder structure.
* This means: there should be 1 folder in the root of the SD card, all other files should be in that folder. This folder should be named sdfuse.
* Reboot the BeBook Live.
* Installation will automatically start.

The folder structure on your SD card should look like the image to the left.

After you reboot the tablet, it will automatically update the firmware. This takes a few minutes so just let it complete. You’ll see four green bars appear, which is an indication that the update is working. After it’s finished you’ll have full access to the Android Market on your BeBook Live.

Once you’re done, delete the folder on the SD card. Otherwise it will attempt to update your firmware after every reboot.

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Other Android tablets can require a lot of complicated work for this type of update, but this process was very easy. It will be simple even for someone who is not experienced with this type of update. The instructions above explain all that you have to do — basically just copying the downloaded files onto your SD card and then rebooting.

I am really pleased to have found this. It’s basically the firmware that you’d want on this device.

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8 responses to “BeBook Live Android Market Firmware Update”

  1. Anja says :

    I follow all the instructions but I can’t get android market to work on my bebook live. When I reboot my bebook live it doesn’t automatically update the firmware. Any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

  2. eBook Reader says :

    Hi Anja,

    I used these exact instructions and it worked for me. It’s difficult for me to know what the problem might be for you specifically since I didn’t create this firmware update, and I can’t see what you’re doing. But, here are some basic mistakes that could be made when doing this:

    1. You might not have unzipped the file. Some people aren’t aware that all .zip files have to be “unzipped” before they can be used. You can unzip files with a program like WinZip, or any other archiving program.

    2. Once unzipped, the “sdfuse” folder should really be in the root directory of the SD card. If you’re not familiar with that term, “root” is the top directory on the SD card. So if you connect the card to your PC or Mac, it should show up in the first folder once you click on the “drive” that the SD card is assigned to.

    3. After you’ve copied the files into the SD card, you need to perform a full reboot, which just means a complete restart. This is done by keeping the power key pressed and selecting “power off”. After it is shut down you can turn it back on. (From your comment I understand that this is not the problem, but I wanted to include this here for everyone else).

    My best guess is that the location of the “sdfuse” folder on the SD card was wrong. Another way to check this is to click on “ES File Explorer” on your BeBook Live. If the SD card was inserted, it will show its contents.

    I hope that helps. If you have any other details that you can post about what’s happening, perhaps I can assist further.


  3. Anja says :

    Hi Ebook reader, thanks for thinking with me. Your guess was good, the location of the sdfuse folder was wrong. The update is now installed on my bebook live. And i just downloaded some apps. I’m totally happy! Thanks very much!

  4. Jack Kross says :

    Seems to work for me too. Actually one of the easiest firmware updates I’ve encountered over the years. And well worth doing, without Android market its just not the same.

  5. eBook Reader says :

    Anja — Glad to hear it! 🙂

    Jack — I agree. Without the Android Market it seems sort of cut off from the world. Easily fixable with this update.

  6. Adrie Snepvangers (The Netherlands) says :

    Last week I have get my Bebook Live. I have installed the firmware update and after the update the MPG and WMV files did not work anymore. Before the firmware update the WMV files dit work well. Dit I do something wrong or must I do some changes.

    Regards Adrie

  7. JW says :

    Try downloading VLC player or Rockplayer Lite from the Android Market.

  8. Erin says :

    I had a tablet that didn’t come with Market on it, so I called the Android Market customer service people and they told me that if you download Market on your own, they will NOT support it. They said I have to go to my manufacturer to get them to put Market on my tab because you have to have some kind of legit license key from Android in order to get the Market that is supported. Bummer….Make sure you buy a tab or phone with Market already installed or they will just tell you to contact your manufacturer if you have problems.

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